Things to Do

1. Hike all named trails in the Grand Canyon
2. Raft, Hike, Mule, Fly the Grand Canyon
3. Backpack in Yellowstone
4. Mush a Dog Sled
5. Run a full marathon
6. Learn to Rock Climb: Nov 2009
7 . Learn to Swim well over a long distance
8. Learn fluent Spanish
9. Master making a technically perfect landscape photography
10. Take a portrait workshop
11. Hike Mt Kilimajaro & lick the ice off an ancient glacier: Dec 2005
12. Camp on the Southern Icecap
13. Hike on a glacier: Perito Moreno Mar 2010
14. Be in a blue ice tunnel: Franz Joseph NZ Mar 2004
15. Go white water rafting in India
16. Learn a musical instrument
17. Learn to fly a plane/ microlite/helicopter
18. Sleep under the stars: Jun 2001
19. See an Rodeo
20. Party on 6th Street Austin, TX
21. New Year in Times Square NY
22. Drive the Camino Del Diablo, AZ: Feb 2006
23. Hot air balloon over the Serengeti, Tanzania, Africa
24. Visit all the Continents ( Asia, Europe, Africa, N America,
25. Have a Phot0-a-day Gallery in Pbase
26. Write down family history
27. Ride the Durango Silverton Rail: Sept 2010
28. Build an igloo & sleep in it
29. Learn to fly fish
30. Complete a 100 mile Bike Race: Nov 2004
31. Experience a dawn lift off of birds Jan 2012 – Bosque Del Apache, NM
32. Build a cabin by hand and be off thegrid
33. Take in a show in Las Vegas Mar 2016
34. Visit a foreign Country with no specific plans and make a trip out of it
35. Learn ice climbing/ hiking skills
36. Learn to cross country ski
37. Visit the Four Corners. Stand in four states at the same time (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado).: Aug 2010
38. Get a pebble to bounce off the surface of the water 4 times

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